Candidate Profile: Sheena McPeek

Sheena McPeek

Candidate Interview

Describe 2-3 specific leadership experiences which have prepared you to serve as an International Officer.

One leadership experience that has truly helped shape who I am now is being a leader and a role model to my own children. No one can ever prepare you to be a mother at a young age, let alone prepare you to be a single mother. We compete daily for affection and love, and to be noticed. I am teaching my children the value of loving themselves. This isn't an easy task to do and has to be shown through leadership and modeling it to them. If I can't lead my children into a positive life where they can love not only others, but themselves than I am not prepared. However, I feel that I can do this, I can teach my children ways to truly follow their dreams, to be positive, to compete in a healthy way, and to truly love who they are. This in turn is how I feel about becoming an International Officer. I can be an inspiration of leadership to not only my children but to anyone. I have overcome my own disability and am standing as a single mother of two young boys and leading them to be amazing in their own lives and successes.

Another leadership experience that has helped prepare me to being an International officer, would be stepping in to fill Grand Island, NE Chapter President when he had to step down unexpectedly. I had to help build back up the confidence of the other chapter members. I had to show them through being a strong leader, that we could be an amazing chapter, and could continue on. I had to remind them what Phi Theta Kappa is about and remind them that we are all great leaders if we put our mind to it and work together.

Beyond giving back to the organization, what is the primary reason you are seeking International Office?

I can't think of any other better reason to become an International officer than being someone who demonstrates, leads, and models everything the Phi Theta Kappa stands for. I want to be an inspiration to others that may have gone through a hard time such as overcoming a disability. I have lived with Epilepsy for a few years now, and I am now able to be an Advocate for the National Seizure Disorder Foundation. I want to help other Phi Theta Kappa members know that it is okay to fail, but you can't fail if you haven't tried to succeed. I am a strong believer that you can truly do anything you put your mind to. You have to have the will, the determination, and the faith in yourself. If you have those three things, you are set! You can do it, and you will do it!

In your opinion, what is the most important issue facing community college students today?

Personally, I believe that the most important issue that needs to be addressed is how the government is going to provide adequate services to students so that they may be able to fulfill a higher education. School administrations are going to have to be able to develop activities that can provide a sense of encouragement to students in wanting to succeed. This will allow students the power and the desire to succeed, and continue on to higher education facilities such as the Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degree programs.

Honors Study Topic Essay

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, & that has made all the difference." Robert Frost wrote this amazing poem and to this day I believe it to be very true.

In our lives we are faced with many decisions, choices, and journey's that help lead us to where we are today. Curiosity starts as early as the minute we are born. We explore the world outside our mother's wombs, and experience what things look like for the first time as we open our eyes. We grow to explore how our thumbs taste in our mouths, become curious about funny rattle noises, even learn to explore the floor as we crawl and walk for the first times. Curiosity is a natural part of learning, as long as it is promoted in our lives. Our parent's jobs are to encourage us to explore and channel our curiosity. They help teach us morals, values, and use guidance to help us learn our place in the world. This allows us to learn how to channel our curiosity into exploration of our surroundings.

As a toddler, I was very active, curious, and quite the explorer. My favorite childhood memory is climbing a tree in my Grandmother's backyard. I wanted to see how high I could climb, explore what was in the tree, and was explore the world from a different perspective. My parents always encouraged me to explore my options, never give up, and to always follow my dreams. I remember wanting to be a Prima Ballerina that performed Clara in the production of The Nutcracker. I wanted to be an Astronaut that explored space and the galaxy. I would spend countless hours exploring every type of things there were to explore.

My parents promoted my curiosity and helped me to explore my surroundings and the frontiers of life. Now today, I encourage my two sons Laynden and Michael. I encourage them to go jump in a puddle and see how much water will splash, encourage them to make new friends, and encourage them to do their best in every aspect of their lives. They are the future generation and they will be the ones shaping others perspectives of our world. Now today I stand before you, exploring the world of Phi Theta Kappa, wanting to shape the future, guide others to success, and encourage everyone in this room to always follow your dreams and ambitions in life.

In the famous words of Walt Disney "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." Every path we take is an adventure full of curious learning moments and now is the time to start new adventures.

Thank you.