Candidate Profile: Ivette Pina

Ivette Pina

Candidate Interview

Describe 2-3 specific leadership experiences which have prepared you to serve as an International Officer.

I have a long way to go in life, but as far as being a leader I know I can take the role in many situations. At the age of thirteen my little brother wanted to play soccer, but there were no available coaches to be able to coach the team, and every dad had to go to work. Seeing my little brother so sad I took the role as my little brothers coach. Every Practice day my brother and I would walk a mile to the elementary school and wait for our team to arrive. The kids and I had so much fun showing them new techniques and ways to score during practice. When we had our first game and we won our whole team was happy and even parents were getting excited just as if it was a professional game. Throughout the season we won and lost games, but ended up winning first place in our division. During our victory party I then knew that taking the leadership to be my little brothers soccer coach that fall was the best decision I made because not only did I feel great; my little brother looked up to me as his role model and he was proud that I was his older sister.

As I grew older and went into High School I was fascinated by many activities such as student council, sports, and clubs. I then asked the cheerleading coach if we had a mascot and her exact words were "No one has the courage to put on the sweaty suit and then dance like an idiot so we don't really promote it." My eyes grew so big and I felt like my head was going to burst, so I told her that i wanted to be that idiot and i wanted to dance in front of people. She then looked at me as if I was crazy, but I got into the suit and I made everyone laugh. Every football game, Basketball game and sometimes even softball and soccer. I was one of the entertainments other than the game going on. I took the courage and integrity to be the only idiot to go inside the sweaty suit. I made people laugh, want to take pictures and videos, and I made myself happy.

Usually after mascot season was over i would do what any teenager does and that is sit back and watch TV, but that got boring and it got boring quick. I began to look for a job and i stumbled on to a Arby's that had a sign "Now Hiring" I walked in talked to the manager and no later than two hours got the job. I was so excited for my first job. I was always ten minutes early and I would never say no to anything. Then our Supervisor of our district came into our store to meet all of us and I was very excited to meet someone very important. He kept looking at me and at first I took it the wrong way, but then he pulled me aside and told me "Would you like to become a shift manager for this store?" and I immediately said yes. I knew I had the leadership abilities to be able to control the team. Every day I would help my team out I acted as if I was one of their friends because if I would have acted bossy everything would turn upside down. I learned to take everyone's idea into consideration and before you know it everyone always wanted to work on my shift. It took me a while to get the routine under control, but having help from someone always counts and being able to have the experience to control a team really helped my leadership skills.

I know I am prepared to become an International officer because Its not about being in control and having everyone do what you say; leadership is about being the person that people look up to and can count on you when they need advice, a helping hand or comfort. "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

Beyond giving back to the organization, what is the primary reason you are seeking International Office?

In my fall semester at South Mountain Community College I began to learn about Phi Theta Kappa and what it was about. Amy had then invited me to the Convention that was held here at our school. When I attended I met Kaitlyn Wormon the current Vice President of our Division; I attended her workshop and her words inspired me to run for office. Kaitlyn talked about the experience she gained through the process so far, how she has inspired people to go after their dreams and the new skills. I was so amazed by the way she inspired me so I thought to myself I want to be like that. I want to be able to be a leader and inspire people to follow their dreams without being scared to take the risk. I am going to run for international office and take a risk in becoming what I want to be. I am going to become a leader and I won't let anyone stop me in my footsteps because just how I was inspired I want to be able to inspire others.

In your opinion, what is the most important issue facing community college students today?

Today many students are facing different issues when going to a community college, but the most important situation I believe that faces college students is how to pay for college. A lot of students do get help from Financial aid and Scholarships, but there are some students that don't qualify for those type of grants and have to pay school on their own. Students have to find part-time or full-time jobs to be able to make payments on their tuition. I have witnessed many students stop going to college because they don't have enough money to be able to pay for their tuition or to pay for their book and supplies for class. Even though paying for a community college course is way cheaper than paying for a University course there is still a struggle when you have to pay it on your own. Students tend to stop going to class because they rather work the extra hours to be able to get the extra money; then they don't do the homework and start falling behind in class. All these factors lead to dropout and it is all because of the cost of going to school and the supplies needed.

Honors Study Topic Essay

Let there be light! - Explore Frontiers

It seems wise to start an essay about a subject as intangible as "frontier" by beginning with a definition. The first definition of "frontier" refers to boundaries and limits. I far prefer the last definition in the list I found: "d : a new field for exploitative or developmental activity." So how does one proceed to engage in developmental activity? First, one must be able to conceive that something is possible. Second, any exploration requires a plan (or it is doomed to failure). Third, to explore a frontier requires effort.

If you cannot even grasp the idea, you can never venture forward. If Thomas Alva Edison had not even had to idea to create the light bulb, we would all be basking in the glow of firelight. While we now take electric lighting for granted, many people in Edison's time could not imagine the world we live in today and the ease with which we light the night.

Without a plan, you can never hope to create anything. Edison had to learn about materials, processes, as well as manage resources to create the light bulb. Each time he made a plan and it failed, he made another plan. So did Edison have a great idea, make a plan and then BAM! the light bulb was created? Sadly, this was not the case. Edison and his team had to work very hard to exploit existing materials and processes to cross one frontier and open the world to whole new experience.

People often romanticize the adventurous nature of approaching frontiers. The truth is that people who seek to master frontiers have to be able to conceive a whole new world, to create a plan and then to work extraordinarily hard to get there.