Justin Jones-Fosu

Academy Speaker 1
Hug an Elephant, Kiss a Giraffe: Redefining Diversity in Everyday Life

Tired of the generic and boring diversity programs? Justin is, too! Sometimes we have made diversity conversations so complex that people have missed its simple core and foundation. Diversity has also been made into a holding hands exercise where everybody agrees, but it really is more about authentic listening, being open and respecting others even when we don’t agree. For Justin, it’s all about learning to hug an elephant and kiss a giraffe.

Academy participants will have fun while realizing the power that a diverse, engaged, socially-just college environment offers, and they will understand their role in helping to create an environment where everyone matters and feels empowered to shape their landscape. This diversity conversation is much better with Justin’s unique blend of high-energy, humor and practical content. So, get ready to open those arms wide and pucker up!

In 2008, Justin was named one of Ebony Magazine’s “30 Young Leaders Under 30 On the Rise.” He is an author, an award-winning entrepreneur, and a professional speaker. He recently published his first book Inspiration for Life: Dream Bigger, Do More, Live Fuller!

While in college, Justin was president of three campus organizations and founded two more. While at the University of Baltimore, earning his MBA, he was named the Distinguished Student Entrepreneur of the Year. Today, he hosts a weekly radio show on WEAA 88.9 FM (an NPR affiliate) in his hometown of Baltimore.